Rover P6 2000

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Rover P6 / Rover 2000

1963 - 1977
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1978 cc
90-124 bhp
3 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
167 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
Rover P6 / Rover 2000
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Rover announced one its most radical production designs in 1963, the Rover 2000. The Rover 2000 had futuristic looks, similar in fact to the Gas Turbine prototypes produced by Rover in the late 1950's. The body used an innovative "base unit" unitary body-shell which then had unstressed body panels bolted onto it.

The bolt-on panels were intended to make repair times quicker and cheaper (although this never really happened!) and the overall shape looked more French than trad-British. The 2000 (later cars were called 2000SC, "SC" meaning Single Carb) also featured four disc brakes (inboard at the rear), all-synchromesh gearbox, servo assisted brakes and a de Dion rear axle.

In 1966 the TC or twin carburettor version was launched alongside the existing model and was equipped with a tachometer, modified cylinder head and oil cooler. Automatic transmission also became an option.

In 1970 the series 2 was launched, this being identifiable  by a restyled black honeycombed front grille, vinyl coved rear roof pillars, stainless steel side trim, black coloured sills, modified bonnet and on the TC a new dashboard layout using circular instruments as opposed to the strip style speedometer on the earlier and SC models.

The 1978cc engine which powered the standard 2000 produced around 90 bhp and gave reasonable performance. In 1968 Rover introduced the V8 version of the P6 as the “Three Thousand Five” (or P6B) saloon, a designation it would carry until late 1970 when it became known as the 3500.

Sharing the same body and features of the smaller engined 2000 P6 saloon, including the de Dion rear suspension and four wheel disc brakes, when first introduced the 3500 was only available with an automatic transmission.

The 2000 received a facelift in 1971 and was eventually replaced by the new 2200 model in 1973. The 3500 models also came in for a revamp in 1973, and could now be optioned with the new Dunlop Denevo run-flat safety tyres which could, even under complete deflation, keep the car stable. The Rover 3500 & 3500 S were both discontinued in June 1976.

Rover 2000 Specifications



2000 TC


2200 TC

Years Produced

1963 - 1973

1966 - 1973

1974 - 1977

1974 - 1977

Body Type (all)

4 door saloon, steel monocoque body tub, bolt on panels, alloy boot & bonnet


14ft 11in

14ft 11in

14ft 11in

14ft 11in


5ft 6in

5ft 6in

5ft 6in

5ft 6in







4 cyl inline 1978cc overhead cam

4 cyl inline 2204cc overhead cam

Power (bhp @ rpm)

90 @ 5000

114 @ 5500

98 @ 5000

115 @ 5000


4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic

Driven Wheels



Servo assisted discs all round

Front Suspension

Independent by horizontally mounted coil springs

Rear Suspension

Independent coil spring with de Dion tube

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