TVR Taimar

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TVR Taimar

1977 - 1979
United Kingdom
Ford V6
230bhp @ 5500 (Turbo)
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
130 / 140 mph
Number Built:
395 (63 Turbo)
4 star
TVR Taimar
TVR Taimar
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Following what was a popular trend of the 1970s, TVR brought out their own hatchback, the Taimar in 1977. The hatchback option gave a new lease of life to what was, despite numerous detail improvements over the years, a very sixties' looking body-shell. Basically similar to the 3000M, the Taimar was given revised instrumentation and switchgear, new heating-and-ventilation system, and different suspension settings. Otherwise it was the mixture as before, an unstressed fibreglass body mounted on a very substantial tubular backbone chassis with outriggers.

To make the 3000 a better day-to-day proposition, TVR had at last provided proper external access to the boot via a large hatchback. A vast improvement compared to leaning over the seats. This added a mere 9kgs in extra weight, and otherwise the cars were identical. Their appeal was obvious and despite a price premium, the Taimar was a strong seller. Of special note is the Taimar Turbo, of which around 30 were built. Alongside a handful of 3000Ms, these were the first British production cars to be turbocharged. Ironically, it was also the last TVR to feature a turbocharger, the company going down the big engine normally aspirated route thereafter.

TVR themselves designed the suspension - twin wishbones and coil springs front and rear - but most of the other components were bought in, as to be expected from a small manufacturer. The V6 engine was the pushrod Ford unit used in one of the Taimars rivals, the 3-litre Capri, and the turbocharger used in the Taimar Turbo came initially from Broadspeed and then from Holset.

The V6 produced a great deal of torque, giving extremely good mid-range performance; 30-50 mph in top took 6.6 seconds. The standard Taimar's 3 litre engine output was significantly boosted by the turbo, up by nearly 100bhp - which bought supercar acceleration to the TVR with a standing start to 60mph covered in under 6 seconds. Just 63 examples of this landmark car were ever produced. Throughout the life of TVR the cars were improved, and the Taimar could be said to handle quite well on dry roads, although it did become skittish in the wet, and the ride was not as excessively firm as in bygone TVRs.

The Taimar successfully provided high performance, particularly from the Turbo version, and a measure of exclusivity in a traditional British manner.

TVR Taimar Quick Specifications:

Engine: Front mounted, water- cooled 60' V6. 94 mm (3.70 in) bore x 72.4 mm (2.85 in) stroke 2994cc (182.7cu in). Maximum power (DIN) 142bhp at 5000rpm; or 230bhp at 5500 rpm (Taimar Turbo); maximum torque (DIN) 172 lb. ft. at 3000 rpm, or 273 lb.ft. (DIN) at 3500 rpm (Taimar Turbo); cast-iron cylinder block and head. Compression 8.9:1, 8:1 (Taimar Turbo). 4 main bearings. 2 valves per cylinder operated via push rods and rockers by one camshaft mounted in centre of Vee. Weber 40DFA-1 downdraught twin barrel carburettor.
Transmission: Single-dry-plate clutch and four-speed manual gearbox. Ratios 1st 3.163, 2nd 1.950, 3rd 1.412, 4th 1.00, reverse 3.346. Hypoid bevel final drive, ratio 3.450:1. Limited slip differential (Taimar Turbo only).
Suspension: Front - independent by double wishbones, coil springs and anti-roll bar, rear-independent by double wishbones and coil springs.
Steering: Rack and pinion. Turns from lock to lock 4.2.
Brakes: Discs front, drums rear. Dual hydraulic system serve assisted.
Wheels: Alloy 6in x 14in. Tyres 185HR x 14. 195VR x 14 Taimar Turbo.
Dimensions and weight: Wheelbase 90 in; track-front 53.75 in, rear-53.75 in; length 155.12 in; width 63.78 in; height 44.88 in; ground clearance 5 in; dry weight 2293 lb, Taimar Turbo 2426 lb; turning circle 35.7 ft; fuel tank capacity 12gal.
Body/chassis: 2/3 door, 2 seats. Multi-tubular backbone chassis with outriggers.
Performance: Maximum speed 130 mph, 140 mph Taimar Turbo: acceleration 0- 60mph 8.2 secs, 6.0 secs Taimar Turbo; fuel consumption approx. 24.8 mpg, 22 mpg Taimar, Turbo.
TVR Taimar

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