Wolseley 6/80

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Wolseley 6/80 Car Review


Wolseley 6/80

1948 - 1954
Soviet Union
6 cyl.
2215 cc
72 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
137 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Wolseley 6/80
Wolseley 6/80
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 3


The Wolseley was based on the MO series Morris saloons and shared the 13in longer wheelbase of the Morris Six - and it also shared the same motor.

The lavish grille and driving lights made the vehicle appear more up-market, but it was the interior where the Wolseley shined.

Leather seats, woodgrain dash and heater (for the time considered a luxury). Capable of a top speed of 137 km/h, the vehicle was considered powerful for its day and was the reason for its popularity with UK based law enforcement.

Even though production ceased in 1954, the cars were still in use in 1961.
Wolseley 6/80

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Charles Gordon
Posted Recently
Bought an ex-Metropolitan Police 6/80 in 1962 when I was 18. Luckily I worked in the local pub right next door to the Police garage in Barnes, West London, and knew most of the mechanics, who - as the 6/80 was no longer in service with the police - ransacked their old parts bins for spares for me. How they ever managed to survive a police pursuit I will never know - the brakes faded to almost nothing when they got hot, but it was a lovely comfortable old tank.
rob lee
Posted Recently
17 no brain bought a 6-80 spent big dollars, restoring a gorgeous machine, der hide seats wood grain dash. loved it ,got to 18 found a 1600 tc Cortina with a gt strip over the boot. yep a clone I gave the 6-80 away . you cant put brains into a stone monument forgot to add 63 this year :-(
Graeme Cramond
Posted Recently
i live in NZ and when I was 18, i bought a 1954 680 from a decesesd estate. It only had 54 k on the clock and with black enamel paint.. It was not until found a small rip in the back seat that I realised it had seat covers, which I removed and to my surprise found the almost untouched leather seats. When polshed up and the chrome shining , it was an eye turner. I unfortunately sold it just before I got married, 3 years later. I have never owned a nicer car. Still looking forma replacement.
Posted Recently
I used to work in a garage in the 1960s and the 680 goes down in my book as one of he worst cars ever produced. The exhaust valves burnt out very quickly and the bronze camshaft gears wore out a an alarming rate.... horrible car to work on.
Bob Friendship
Posted Recently
At age 4 I went with my father to our local Nuffield dealership (Heard Bros of Bideford) as he needed to replace the MO Oxford (awefull!) and I clambered into a Morris 6 and suggested "get this one, Dad!" Not being fond of Morris he was offered a 6/80 but being modest and carefull opted for the a 4/44, being cheaper to run and more modern in design. Ever after that and until I was 17 I yearned for a 6/80 and in the summer of 1966, at Bude, Cornwall, my wish came true with the £50 purchase of a 1954 series 2 example, with 72,000 miles and excellent bodywork, RAF 926 was my favourite car, dreadfully slow, I took it to autocross, rallies, even won a small event! Of all the cars I've owned and now at 60 I still have the enthusiasm to own such a car, made at a time when buying British was a natural occurance. Best wishes to all,
willie mcrae
Posted Recently
My second car (52 model) in 1964 Was 12 years old when I bought it for £80. Had belonged to a gentleman farmer and had only 18,000 miles on the clock. It was like new on the inside but the metallic green paintwork on the outside had gone scummy. Two days with brasso and simonize wax had the car looking like it had just come out the factory. I overhauled the engine an fitted new exhaust valves and piston rings . A new water pump completed the repairs. I spent many a happy hour driving this machine around. I wish I still had it.
Tony Wynne
Posted Recently
This was my second car a 1951 model in about 1966 out of all of the cars I have had over the last 42yrs and there have been quite a lot this is the one I will never forget. wish I still had it locked away in cotton wool somewhere. I,d love to drive it in the Bradford to Morecambe vintage car ralley.
Peter Marusich
Posted Recently
The Wolseley 680 was my first car, it was the most unreliable car I ever owned. How ever I still have good memories. Its like my first girl friend in more ways the one.
Marty Rubenstein
Posted Recently
This was my first car 1951 model bought second hand in 1965 for 150 pounds$300 great to drive top speed in excess of 160 kmph 100mph able to carry my surf board and sleep in.Ahh what memories
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