American Car Spotters Guide - 1920

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American Car Spotters Guide - 1920

By the 1920s the sagging appearance of cars had completely disappeared. Many medium-sized cars by the early 1920s conformed to a common style - and the Model A Ford is today considered representative of the 1920s style. Basically, it featured a vertical radiator mounted behind the front axle. From the top of the radiator, a straight line can be followed back to the bottom of the windscreen and through along the bottom of the windows to the rear of the car where it turns up towards the hood. A vertical, rather-square windscreen gave the car a slightly utilitarian look to the modern eye.

The front wings were curved and run round into the running board, which terminated abruptly at the rear wings. Headlamps were fitted inside the front wings just forward and below the top of the radiator. A similar basic layout appeared on the 1921 Benz 10/50. Again, a line can be taken from the top of the vertical radiator along towards the back of the car. The vertical windscreen, wings, running boards and headlamps are all similarly positioned to those on the Ford.
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