Classic Automotive Television Commercials and Video

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Classic Automotive Television Commercials and Video

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MG Midget
The MG and MG Midget were perennial favourites in the US, but in 1974 the designers were forced to incorporate the use of rather ugly "black bumpers", while increasing the ride height, all in an attempt to keep the legislators happy. Its performance suffered - it could barely manage 160 km/h, and it handled badly because it was higher. Despite this, it continued to sell, and managed to sell well until its final demise in 1980. View >>
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Here is a small but wonderful collection of Oldsmobile commercials from the 1942 B-44 range through to the post-war 1948 Futuramic. Also included is a promotional film for GM's Hydra-Matic, showing in detail just how many body movements it takes to get a manual moving! View >>
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Although very much a French car, the Peugeot 404 was actually designed by Italian Battista "Pinin" Farina. The build quality and strength of the car was superior to many, if not most, of its rivals. The suspension was capable of soaking up bumps on the roughest of roads, quickly acquitting itself well in the harshest of conditions, including Africa and Australia. Fitted with an economical and bullet-proof 1.6 litre engine mated to a sturdy 4 speed transmission, it was extremely well equipped for the time, featuring plenty of stainless steel trim, a heater, enormous brakes and extremely comfortable seats. View >>
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In 1953 Charles Walters directed the classic comedy "Dangerous when Wet", the first time animated characters had taken part in a film, in this case Hanna and Barbera's Tom and Jerry would share a swimming sequence with real-life beauty Eshter Williams. In 1969 two favourites from Warner Brothers would pay a visit to a Plymouth showroom, the zany Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. View >>
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The GTO sold in great numbers and would fuel the competition between GM, Ford, and Chrysler that would keep the muscle car industry thriving for years to come. The GTO would later evolve into the Judge, an extroverted option package of the blotted GTO, and would continue the tradition until the GTO died an embarrasing death in 1974. View >>
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Unfortunately we only have one Renault TV commercial to show, this one from the US and for the wonderful little Renault Dauphine. Selling such a small car in a market dominated by large Detroit sheet-metal was always going to be a difficult task, but the use of baloons to identify it in traffic was perhaps going a little too far. And we are left scratching our collective heads as to how the large cars got out once the Dauphine managed to sqeeze between them. View >>
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When I was 17, it was a very good year... Those old enough to remember the wonderful Corolla television commercials from the 1970's. Here is a US commercial from the same era, not quite as emotive but appealing to your hip-pocket. View >>
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From the Beetle to the wonderful Kombi and 411, Volkswagen's may have been (some time ago) both cheap and cheerful, but no other low cost marque is quite so collectable! Those who have been fortunate enough to have owned a Beetle will all attest to this magical little cars strength and reliability! View >>
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The Wartburg 1000 was radically different to its predecessors, offering a lengthened wheelbase, roomier interior, more equipment, four conventional-opening doors, reduced road noise, upgraded heating system and prettier styling. Within two years the base model was joined by a new deluxe version. Other bodystyles were soon to follow, including a 2-seater cabriolet, 3-door estate, 5-door station wagon (named camping), a police-car, a 2+2 coupé and a sportscar , many of which went on to win numerous awards for their design. View >>
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