American Motors: Rambler Cross Country

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American Motors: Rambler Cross Country

Rambler Cross Country
American Motors Means More for Americans
USA (circa 1955)

Now you can say goodbye to sweltering hot cars, to choking dust and exhaust , to shivering in zero cold.

With all season air-conditioning you simply turn one knob to ride cool in summer, warm in winter, and enjoy filtered fresh air in any weather all year round.

Own a spectacular new Rambler with complete year-round air-conditioning, it's the lowest priced air conditioned car in America.

Yes, low cost all season air-conditioning is the right kind for you and your so right to choose the '55 Rambler Cross Country now at all Nash dealers, with all the glamour of a luxurious family sedan plus the utility of a rugged station wagon, another reason why American Motors means more for Americans...

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