Austin Commercials: Austin 7 / Austin A30

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Austin Commercials: Austin 7 / Austin A30

Austin 7 / Austin A30
The Biggest Hearted Little Car You Can Buy
United Kingdom (circa 1953)

One, two, three, four, five...oh six, Seven! - an Austin 7 of course, the famous A30, a car any family would be proud to be seen in. It's roomy, comfortable, it's light on petrol and above all, it's so dependable.

Just look at the punishment this suspension is taking. It's under test at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground, the toughest in Europe.

Austin 7's, like all other Austins, are regularly tested here. Their speed, their brakes, their stability and steering. Nothing's overlooked, even the water-proofing underneath is tested.

You'll be proud to own an Austin 7, the biggest hearted little car you can buy. It's Austin, you can depend on it!

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