Austin Commercials: Austin Morris Mini

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Austin Commercials: Austin Morris Mini

Austin Morris Mini
His Service is Pretty Unique!
Australia (circa 1963)

When you buy a new car from your Austin Morris dealer, we hope it's the start of a long and happy association. And like any association that's going to be long and happy, it's built on trust.

For a start, you can trust your Austin Morris dealer to give you the best possible trade-in on your old car, you can trust him to arrange finance to suit your individual needs, and you can be sure your new Austin or Morris is the way it should be when you drive away.

And when it comes time to service your new car you can trust him again. To him, your still a customer long after the sale is made. Spare parts and accessories, he has the lot, and at the right prices.

It all begins here, at your local Austin Morris dealer. The kind courteous service you'd expect from a company that's been in Australia for as long as you can remember.

No matter where you travel in Australia or overseas, your Austin Morris dealer is there to help you.

Next time you want a new car that's backed up by friendly service designed to help you, drop in to your Austin Morris dealer and have a chat. We think you'll find his service pretty Unique! It's a little more personal shall we say, but then, that's why he is an Austin Morris dealer.

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