Ford Commercials: 1950 Fords Are Out of this World

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Ford Commercials: 1950 Fords Are Out of this World

It's Out Of This World
USA (circa 1950)

It's out of this world. Take a look at the new Ford for 1950. It's 50 ways new, and listen to the new Ford engine, quiet as a whistle.

Quietness means quality, that mid-ship ride is like floating on air.

Ford's the one fine car in the low price field, new fashion car styling, take the wheel of a new Ford and feel the difference.

Ford's famous "lifeguard" body has been made even stronger than ever, and Ford gives you more hip and shoulder room than any car in its class.

Note the colourful new instrument panel, feel those new sponge rubber front seat cushions.

Only Ford in its field gives you a smooth 100 horse power V8 engine, or the most advanced 6 in the industry if you prefer.

It's a fine car at a low price - yes the new Ford's out of this world in quality. That's why there's a Ford in your future, with a future built in.

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