Ford Commercials: The 1957 Ford

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Ford Commercials: The 1957 Ford

The 1957 Ford
Let's Visit Beverly Hills, California
USA (circa 1957)

Let's visit Beverly Hills California, where the word "fabulous" has become an understatement. One of the wealthiest communities in America, it's also one of the most fun-loving, and most glamorous.

Here you'll find more movie stars per square acre than anywhere else. And here you will also find more 1957 Ford's registered than any other new car.

These people can afford the best, but they buy wisely. And they've found that automotive luxury does not necessarily begin with an expensive car. For in this new kind of Ford they've discovered comfort and elegance that definately makes the '57 Ford a bright new entry in the fine car field.

They know that in any setting, in any company, the gracefull styling of the new Ford will fit right in.

Ford's mighty Thunderbird V8 engine, now available with up to 300 supercharged horsepower is made to order for these always on the go Californian's.

And they go more smoothly too, for the heavier '57 Ford offers the first big car ride in the low price field. Above all, they've found that the new Ford is as much fun to own as it is easy to own. No wonder that here in Beverly Hills, as in communities all over the country, Ford is out-selling every other make of car. It's the fine car, at half the fine car price.

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