Ford Falcon Commercials: Falcon XM

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Ford Falcon Commercials: Falcon XM

Ford Falcon XM
Golden Quality
Australia (circa 1964)

Introducing the 1964 Ford Falcon, Falcon with certified "Golden Quality", tougher, more durable than ever before, with a bold new look of leadership.

Falcon for '64, first with the million pound ride, a new concept in comfort and suspension durability that cost a million pounds in development. New Falcon is the first car in its class to offer you a choice of three engines, self adjusting brakes, new low maintenance finishes - and best of all new Falcon is more service free than any car its price has ever been.

'64 Falcon has the distinction of certified "Golden Quality", every Falcon component is of the highest workmanship and finish, every part of the new Falcon is built to new Golden Quality standards, yet it is priced down to the lowest priced six cylinder car in Australia.

Get the feel of the new Falcon on the road - performance is proof that new Falcon is quality built - by Ford.
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