Oldsmobile Commercials: The Sixty B-44

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Oldsmobile Commercials: The Sixty B-44

Oldsmobile presents
The Sixty B-44
USA (circa 1942)

It's a special car for special times, the Oldsmobile "Sixty" B-44. It's handsomer, heavier, huskier. New in style but "Olds" in quality.

It's a car that has what it takes to take it and looks the part in every sturdy inch. Look at those lines - there's true streamlining for you.

Beautiful and impressive from every angle of vision. And here's modern design carried still further - in the streamlined Oldsmobile "Sixty Club Sedan".

The cost?, less than you might expect. The Oldsmobile B-44 "Sixty" six or eight is still priced just above the lowest, and it's built to be durable, dependable and economical to run.

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