Pontiac Commercials: Pontiac GTO

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Pontiac Commercials: Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO
The Getaway
USA (circa 1968)

Dirt in the fuel line... You got somethin' that moves? Oh I sure have, that Pontiac GTO over there, the car of the year.

Give me the keys. Oh, you'd like to go for a ride. Just give me the keys! Yes Sir, a ride, that's the only way to tell how the GTO handles.

It's really a drivers car, its got wide track suspension. Did you notice the revolutionary new bumper on the GTO? We call it "The Great One". Get rid of him Clyde! You going to take it? Right. How you wanna finance it? Finance it Clyde.

Hey, wait, this is too much, you got 10 comin'... Pontiac's cost a lot less than most people think, the great wide-track ride is on, see your Pontiac dealer!

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