CITROËN Déesse Citroen DS sticker decal set

CITROËN Déesse Citroen DS sticker decal set OEM quality
We produce decals for a number of brands and models including the Citroen DS. This set consists of 8 decals.

(Including lubrication, specifications, brand and warning decals)
***OEM quality***

First of all a high quality glue has been used. This give the decal a long lasting adhesion.

Secondly, extremely tough paper or foil has been taken on which we print the artwork with UV-resistant ink.
Finally, it's all sealed with a transparent PET foil. This protects the artwork and makes the decal heat resistant as well as easy to clean.


Shipping is with Royal Air-mail and takes:
1-2 business days for delivery within the United Kingdom,
6-10 business days for international shipping,
For some countries, it might take up to 15 business days (~2%).

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