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Ad Number: 6201
Seller: mil*****
City: Taree
State: NSW
Postcode: 2430
Country: Australia
Home Phone: 02-6550-6041
Price: $ 600.00 AUD
Ad began: Aug 18
This early Morris Minor is for parts or possibly a restoration project, or become your favorite garden gnome?

It looks as if the pistons are new and the head seems to have had some work done on the valves etc some time ago.

The bores are very smooth and look as if a rebore has been done, there is no ridge at the top of the bore, the bores being super smooth and shiny.

The gearbox is a smooth one, (not ribbed).

The doors all have the stainless steel window surrounds , so difficult to find these days...and the glass looks to be in serviceable condition, as do the 1/4 light windows.

The rear window is removed and also in good condition.

The boot lid has the letter "S" under the script Morris minor,in a chrome block, and I wonder if this was a special model in its day.

The bonnet is from an earlier model of Morris minor, look at the rear edge, it has a vee section and is not a straight line as are later bonnets.

It is from a split screen morris Minor.

and is only there to protect the engine bay. Its for sale separately for $90- if needed for your treasure of labor and love....

The engine number is 9M/U/H/104518

The engine turns over freely by hand with a spanner on the front harmonic balancer on the crankshaft

All the tyres hold air

The car has been stored outside and always on a sheet of vinyl flooring so the moisture could not get to the floor pans.

A tarpaulin on the top, so that is why it has lasted so long, it now time to pass on to the next carer and enjoy the patina of a truly historic treasure of our past....

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