1940 Dodge Paint Charts and Color Codes

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1940 Dodge Paint Charts and Color Codes

For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site.
AMC Color Code Location Chart
Two-Tone Combinations - The first part of the number identifies the body colour, the last part identifies the roof colour. As an example, Combination P.82 and P.72 indicates the body is finished in Bayshore Blue and the roof in Frost White.

- Acrylic Lacquer is recommended for SPOT REPAIR, panel repair and overall refinishing of all original automotive finishes.

Centari - Acrylic Enamel is recommended for small area, panel repair and overall refinishing.

Dulux® - Enamel may be used for panel repair and overall refinishing.

Note - It may be necessary at all times to tint colours to produce a satisfactory match due to normal weathering and changes in colour standards.
1940 Dodge Colors
"Dulux" matches have been developed for the following "Duco" colors:
DULUX® Code DUCO® Code Color Comb. No.
93-6332-M 246-32678-M Dodge Air Cruiser Red


93-6336 246-32682 Dodge Patrol Blue 213, 214
93-6338 246-32685 Dodge Gunmetal Gray 806
93-6522-M 246-32945-M Dodge Regal Maroon 601
93-6617 246-34103 Dodge Admiral Blue 207, 208
93-6618 246-34104 Dodge Lakeland Green 310
93-6619 246-34108 Dodge Gunmetal 40 803
93-6620 246-34111 Dodge Hawaiian Blue 220(L)
93-6621 246-34105 Dodge Arbor Green 302
93-6625 246-34107 Dodge Mainliner Gray 508
93-6627 246-34106 Dodge Spar Beige 405
93-6940 246-34258 * Dodge Yellow Tan Medium -
- 246-34255 * Dodge Shocking Blue -
- 246-34341 Dodge Harmony Blue 220(U), S1S(L)
- 246-34345 Dodge Cosmos Gray 515(U)
- 246-34359 Dodge Gray Olive Green 312(U)
- 246-34361 Dodge Atlantic Green 312(L)
*Spring show colors.
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