1947 Oldsmobile Paint and Color Codes

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1947 Oldsmobile Paint and Color Codes

For correct identification, please refer to the Color code listings on this site.


Comb. No. Color Code

202-31680-G Oldsmobile Sea Foam Green Metallic 79-C, 79-B (L)
202-31690 Oldsmobile Pawnee Beige Metallic 76, 73-A (U)
202-33039-M Oldsmobile Garnet Red Metallic 52
202-34851-G Oldsmobile Ivy Green Metallic 79, 79-B (U)
202-51568 Oldsmobile Nightshade Blue Metallic 75, 74-A (U), 75-B (U)
202-53903-M Oldsmobile Ambassador Red Metallic 72
246-54867 Oldsmobile Havana Beige 73-C, 73-A (L)

Oldsmobile Saxon Gray Metallic

77-C, 71-B (L), 75-B (L), 77-A (L)
246-54869-M Oldsmobile Chariot Red 72-C
202-54871 Oldsmobile Caspian Blue Metallic 74, 74-A (L)
202-54872 Oldsmobile Chateau Gray Metallic 78, 77-A (U)
202-54873 Oldsmobile Cambray Green Metallic 71, 71-B (U)
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