Manuel Automatics

 Manuel Automatics
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353 Settlement Road , Thomastown VIC 3074

Servicing and Repairing all makes
- Volkswagen
- Porsche
- Renault
- Mercedes
- Audi
- Nissan
- Jaguar
- Volvo

Phone: (03) 9466 4499


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1)Review added by carol (06-07-2012)
I have been dealing with this company for the past 16 years and have found them to be very helpful and understanding of all european transmissions. I have been buying spare parts for all my European transmissions. The amount of times that Manuel Automatics has gotten out of trouble is endless.
2)Review added by Anonymous (31-08-2010)
I am writing this review based on my experience. Any conclusions implied by the facts stated here are solely of reader.
1. I made a phone call to this business first. I requested a part and was told the part was available.
2. I specified the part needed to meet certain criteria. I was told by them both parts were identical. I told them that these parts were in fact different. They insisted this was written in the book, and had 25 years experience in the industry.
3. I insisted nevertheless that the part I wanted needed to meet the criteria I specified. They said sure they have that part also. I informed them I would arrive in forty minutes due to travel. They were aware I would arrive.
4. Upon arrival I stated why I had come. A part was then retrieved and presented before me. I asked if the part met the criteria I specified. They stated it was the same part. Frustrated and having already made the trip, I decided to examine the part to determine whether it met the criteria which I had specifically requested to them already over the phone.
5. I performed the check. The part did not meet the criteria. I communicated this to them. I requested the part I was actually after was discussed over the telephone.

6. I was told they were not able to retrieve the part I was after due to time constraints.

7. I was told they would not do this today.
8. I was told they may have a look for me tomorrow.
9. I was told that I should call tomorrow to see if they have the part.

10. There was a contradiction to what had been discussed over the telephone to the service received when I arrived.

11. My feelings of frustration were not addressed. To tell me to call the following day to see if the part was available was unfair when I had already called prior:
-specifying what i wanted
-informing them of my estimated time of arrival
- them telling me the part was in stock and ready to be purchased at the price stated.

12. Any reasonable person would know that telling an individual who has done the above steps, that they should call tomorrow and imply that I go home simply because I rejected the part they offered as it didn't meet the criteria I specified, would know that this would further compound my feelings of frustration and perhaps resentment.

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