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Convertibles during winter
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Joined: May 23, 2009
Posted : 23 May 2009 07:52:24"Reply With Quote"
Does anyone know how practical / possible it would be to drive a cloth top convertible during winter? I'm talking about the newer more recent convertibles. The idea of a convertible has always intrigued me but unfortunately I live in new england where the winters are always quite unfriendly. Does anyone have any personal experience with driving a cloth top during winter? 

margaret white 
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Posted : 24 May 2009 04:41:54"Reply With Quote"
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Well. It depends I guess.

The more upscale convertibles such as the CLK, 3 series, A4, etc, have some of the best rag tops in the industry. I know from first hand experience that the cloth top on the CLK is nearly as quiet and nearly as insulating as the fixed top.

Lower end cabrio's aren't going to have quality rag tops like the upscale brands, but that's not to say you cant drive them around in them during the winter time. All convertible roof's but be good enough to stand up to the test of a cold winter, seeing as many people still enjoy driving them around in them even during the coldest winter months.

If you want a convertible that will be coupe like during the winter, the upscale brands are your best bet. Some convertibles like the 3 series offer a detachable hardtop, if you insist on getting one. But generally, it's not necessary


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