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"...The car is a female, and as such can give us wonderful satisfactions, as well as defiances with sudden treacheries, that always are conciliated when the class is really superior". You can interact on the Unique Cars and Parts site by signing our guestbook, submitting to the Forum or showing the world your dream ride.
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Holden Torana   Car Colour Codes
Some of the most popular searches on the Unique Cars and Parts site are for information on the Torana, and we have plenty, including reviews covering the HB through to the UC. Naturally there is an emphasis on the most collectable of all, the sporting Torana's such as the GTR, XU-1, L34 SL/R 5000 and LX A9X. There are also specifications on every model, and plenty of rich multi-media too.
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Torana Specifications
Torana Identification Guide
Torana Media
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One of the most frequent questions to arrive at the Unique Cars and Parts inbox relates to older model colour codes. To assist all those looking for that elusive code, we have developed an easy to use Colour Code Guide covering all the models important to anyone visiting this site. To make things even easier, we have ensured that you can sort by each column field, from colour, code, from and to years and even the type of paint.
Bathurst 1000   Radio Days
Do you remember the halcyon days of Australia's greatest race - the Hardie-Ferodo 1000? Well if you are looking for information on the event, or simply wanting to take a trip back down memory lane, we are sure you will find plenty of information on the site to keep you occupied.
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  Did you know that there are over 1500 old radio commercials on the site, not only from the car makers themselves, but also some classic road safety commercials dating back to the early 1950's. Our favourite are the old oil and petrol company adverts - and we have put togther a small collection of these on the Radio Days page. But don't think that's all there is to it, as throughout the site there are gigabytes more for you to enjoy.
Automotive Pioneers   Unique Cars and Parts Top 5
The development of the automobile continues to this day at breakneck speed - and we thought it appropriate to pay tribute to the automotive pioneers that helped shape the cars future. There were those that thought steam was the go, others that developed electric cars, and many that risked life and limb to push their cars to the very limits of mechanical endurance.
  Automotive Pioneers
The Pre-War Era
Between The Wars
The Post War Era
We love lists, however compiling our "Top 5" turned out to be more of a challenge than we originally thought. Our selection of the Top 5 Aussie collectable classics is likely to ruffle some feathers, as is our decision on what we think are the Top 5 car chase movies. Even the cars we claim make the Top 5 by Production Numbers has been criticised as being inaccurate, given the global sales of the Toyota Corolla. We have added the ability for you to leave your reviews and comments on each page - why not let us know what you think.
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