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Lost Marques

Lost Marques

What a shame that so many fine automobile manufacturers have closed their doors - fortunately there are many museums and private collectors dedicated to the preservation of such important automotive history. In tribute to those people, we have writen a series of articles on the lost marques of last century - and there a quite a few!

It seems paradoxical today that the owners of such legendary marques as Stutz and Mercer would compose such impolite slogans about each other, one wonders if they would still recite “There’s nothing worser than a Mercer” and “You’d have to be nuts to drive a Stutz” had they foreseen global events such as war and the depression wiping out the manufacturer of their cherished automobile.


Frazer Nash
Hispano Suiza
Talbot Lago

Car Clubs
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Belonging to a Car Club is one of the best ways to ensure you enjoy your Classic, Vintage or Veteran automobile. Apart from the comradeship of like minded motoring enthusiasts, many clubs also have extensive motoring libraries on offer specific to the marque, and the members themselves always have a wealth of knowledge for you to draw upon.

Then there are the many social events and club runs. If your not in a club, you should be. Don't forget to check out the Classic Car Event Calendar for event details throughout the year, and should your club be holding an event then please contact us.


Car Club Listing

9 years and thousands of hours work have gone into the development of the Unique Cars and Parts web site, our aim always being to provide the Classic Car enthusiast with the most informative and comprehensive site available. If you have enjoyed your stay, why not sign our guestbook.

We appreciate the positive feedback we receive from the (over 6000) visitors to the site each day, and will continue to develop the site so that it remains one of the leading automotive web sites both here in Australia and around the world.
GT Falcon
Lemon List
The most collectable Aussie muscle car ever, the wonderful XY GT remains an often copied and highly sought after vehicle.

To understand why, we have researched the origins of Ford's penultimate muscle car, including developments year by year from 1967 to 1977, and race results from around the country where each and every GT Falcon was entered. We have also compiled comprehensive identification guides and specification sheets.

The GT Falcon Story
GT Falcon Reviews
GT Falcon By The Years
GT Falcon Race Results
Allan Moffat and the GT Falcon
Falcon and GT Falcon Identification
GT Falcon Identification by Model
GT Falcon Specifications
GT Falcon Forum

Not everything old is necessarily good. At Unique Cars and Parts we have had our fair share of clangers, cars that sour the ownership experience even before the warm glow of purchasing your new steed has had a chance to fade.

If you have had a similar experience, why not share it with visitors to the site. We have started the list off, listing what we believe to be the worst of the worst, but we would love to read what you have to say on our Lemon List.
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