>The MG Story: The C-Type Montlhery Midget

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>The MG Story: The C-Type Montlhery Midget

MG C-Type Montlhery Midget
C-Type Montlhery Midget

The C-Type Montlhery Midget

The direct result of EX 120 was the C-Type Montlhery Midget. The C-Type was sold over the counter as a "ready to race" special, boasting a healthy 60bhp at 6300 rpm.

Relatively few (about 300) C's and their associated touring model, the D-Type were assembled, but these were enough to establish respect for the octagon in the racing world, and most particularly in the popular handicap events of the time.

Reaction of the English heroes who found their Bentley juggernauts starting scratch, handfuls of laps behind the Midgets, was less enthusiastic, Tim Birkin referring to " ... a scuttling kindergarten of MG's which could have done nothing else in the circumstances except win.”

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