The MG Story: The MG NE and MG VA

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The MG Story: The MG NE and MG VA


The MG NE and MG VA

Since the handicappers were now getting exceedingly churlish and disagreeable when a blown MG appeared in the entries, the team got busy on some unsupercharged race cars.

Derived from the new NA touring Magnettes of 1931, the highly-hopped-up NE turned out 71bhp at 6500 on a half-gasoline, half-benzyl mix, and duly won the races it was designed for. The N engine also appeared in the K chassis, the result naturally being the KN of 1931-35.

When Nuffield’s entered the scene in mid-1936, all these exotic overhead-cam sixes had to be scrapped, since they didn't fit the broad engine scheme.

In place of the more touring Magnettes, MG offered the VA, a 1518cc pushrod four-barrel of humdrum ancestry. Other effete features, never contemplated B.N, were hydraulic brakes and synchromesh throughout the MG line.

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