Sunbeam Specifications

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Sunbeam Specifications

Founded by John Marston in 1901, a sheet metal worker who built up the company Sunbeamland to manufacture bicycles. Marston allowed his apprentice Thomas Cureton to tinker with prototype cars, the resulting Sunbeam Mabley of 1901 being a curious cross between car and motorcycle, the four wheels being set in a diamond formation. Soon taken over by businessman T.T. Pullinger, by 1907 the company was manufacturing the Angus Shaw designed 16/20, along with the 12/16 tourers.

They quickly found success in competition work, the company expanding to a 30 acre site by the end of World War 1. In 1920 it merged with Talbot to form STD motors, allowing Sunbeam to use the far superior overhead cam Talbot engines, these being used to create record breaking racers - including Malcolm Campbell's V12 car, which set a new Land Speed Record in 1924. The STD combine would fall upon hard times, and Sunbeam turned to the manufacture of trolleybuses, however in the early post war years it again turned to the manufacture of automobiles, the highlights being the beautiful 1959 Alpine, and potent V8 equipped Tiger.

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1910 Sunbeam 12/16


1912 Sunbeam 12/16


1921 Sunbeam 24/60


1924 Sunbeam 14/40


1926 Sunbeam 3 Litre

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