Unique Cars and Parts: Top 12 TV Cars

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Unique Cars and Parts: Top 12 TV Cars

Believe it or not, the Dodge Charger from that God-awful TV show "The Dukes of Hazard" has been voted the TV car most people would like to drive. At Unique Cars and Parts, we are left shaking our collective heads and wondering if the US on-line poll would bring up the same results if it were held here in Australia.

We can forgive those in the US for not mentioning Lucky Grills Valiant Charger from that awesome Cop show "Bluey", but where the hell is Maxwell Smart's Sunbeam Tiger? Why not send us your suggestions - and restore our faith in humanity!

For the record, we will list the cars voted for in the USofA:

1. General Lee
Dukes of Hazard

how about the black Charger R/T from Bullitt instead...oh yeah, that was a movie

2. Jaguar XJS
Return of the Saint

good choice here, but what of the Volvo P1800 driven by Roger Moore from the first series, surely a better choice?

Knight Rider

a voice so deplorable you will never complain about your wife doing the navigating again...

4. Jaguar Mk. II
Inspector Morse

another good choice, but it ranked below Kitt...go figure

5. Batmobile

don't you think the novelty would wear off real quick?

6. Ford Gran Torino
Starsky & Hutch

well I guess this would be ok, so long as you have curly hair...

7. Ferrari 308
Magnum PI

Yep, We Agree!

8. GMC Van
The A Team

"Honey, pass those brain reduction pills, this beer aint workin quick enough"...(Please disregard this wise crack if you once played Sgt. Bosco and you go by the name Mr. T)

9. Rolls-Royce

lucky you Parker, we will ride in the back with Lady Penelope...FAB

10. Chevrolet Truck
The Fall Guy

endorsed by Colt Seavers, nough said...

11. Mini
Mr. Bean

funny show, but do you REALLY want to drive the Bean-mobile?

12. Reliant Robin
Only Fools and Horses

only fools and people who voted in the US poll it would seem

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