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1966 - 1971
While looking every bit the Italian exotic, the power was to come from the bargain Ford 289 ci V8 - but of course it was the Shelby-tuned version that had already appeared in AC Cobra, Ford GT-40 and Mustang GT-350.
1970 - 1990
Powered by a Ford "Cleveland" 351 (5.7 litre) V8, this Italian-built exotic was able to offer supercar performance at a bargain price. Dubbed "The Poor Man's Lamborghini", the close relationship between Ford and De Tomaso saw Ford fully back the Pantera project in order to boost its image
1972 - 1984
The Deauville was designed to deliver high-performance luxury transportation for four, and featured a flowing-yet-muscular design, handsome from any angle.
1972 - 1989
When the Longchamps was released, Alejandro de Tomaso had been designing, racing and building cars for 20 years. By that time Ford had completely bought out his interest in Ghia, Vignale and De Tomaso Automobili, so there was plenty of speculation as to what he would do with the superb looking Longchamp prototype.

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