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Unique Cars and Parts Member Image Gallery
1960- 1973
The Phoenix was introduced in May 1960 as an Australian assembled version of the American Dodge Dart, positioned above the locally developed Chrysler Royal. It was offered only as a four door sedan and only with a 318 ci V8 engine. The Dart represented a then new American category between compacts and full-sized sedans - and it appealed to Australian motorists - who wanted a large but not gigantic luxury car with loads of power
1966 - 1969
Production of the Dodge Charger commenced in 1966, the car fitted with the 383ci, 325-horsepower V-8. Styling was based on the "fastback" roofline, featuring hidden headlights and four bucket seats
1970 - 1974
While the Charger is the muscle car most highly regarded today, the Challenger remains a close runner up and, like its predecessor, was available as a R/T model in both 2 door coupe and convertible configurations. As with all such American cars, the 'base' engine was an in-line six-cylinder unit, but the most exciting of the V8's, and the one which most people bought, was the 426ci 7 litre 'Hemi'
1980 - 1989
The Chrysler Corporation, deep in financial trouble by 1980, announced its front-drive 'K Cars', seemingly late in the day for the small US car race, but there was little doubt the corporation was depending very much on the new downsized models to get back in the black
1992 - 2002
From the late 70s to early 80s, Chrysler was troubled by recession and bankruptcy. New president Lee Iacocca introduced a radical cost reduction regime, reducing models and reducing platforms - eventually to only one (the boring front-drive K-car platform). These changes helped Chrysler return to profitability, but the model lineup was unadventurous and hardly inspired car enthusiasts.

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