The Car Is A Lemon

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The Car Is A Lemon
Do you have any experience with a lemon? Has the ownership experience left you bitter and twisted, or do you think you could share your stories with other readers? To get you started, we have some suggestions which we think may be worthy.
Datsun 120Y

Datsun 120Y

Does this car have any redeeming features? This was the good womans first car - and it was the Auto!! Her fondest memory is when her friends placed bricks under the diff and she thought the transmission had gone to god. Unfortunately for her the thing held in there for quite a few more years...

Holden Commodore VC 4 Cylinder

How do you create an economical family car? Simply cut off 2 cylinders from the aging 6 cylinder motor - then disregard the fact that the thing will simply not go. Have you been a front seat passenger and left a dent in the footwell when trying to press the brakes? This thing had 2 dents from where you would try to press the accelerator...

Holden Sunbird

What can we say? Dreadful!! Performance so breathtaking you would prefer to use Public Transport. Click here to read Doug's contribution titled "Sunbirds Rock!". It seems Doug does not share our view that the Sunbird should be listed on this page, the reasons for which are, well, best left for Doug to explain...

Morris Marina

In Australia today some 70% of used car buyers prefer a car displaying the Toyota logo. It seems the Australian public have long memories when it comes to their motor vehicles, as many must remember the the days when the British car manufacturers thrust such abominations as the Marina onto our shores.

Nissan Pulsar Hatch

We owned one. Enough said.

Holden JB Camira

We saw more broken down on the side of the road than in the showroom. I recall when my uncle purchased one - as I remember it the engine was still "running on" well after he had entered the house and downed his first beer.

Suzuki Sierra

Even those that just wanted transport to get from A to B would probably prefer if they stayed at A.

Lada Niva

Blame the guy that was the translator for our Russian comrades! Instead of "cheap and cheerful" he translated it to "cheap and nasty" - and with the nasty side Lada did give 110%.

Mazda 1000 Bongo Van

We remember it as a blight on the roads.

Hindustan Ambassador

Somebody forgot to tell the Indians about a "use by date".
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