Checker Marathon

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Checker Marathon


Checker Marathon

1956 - 1982
Straight 6
3704 cc
145 bhp
3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
93 mph / 149 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Checker Marathon
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For those not born in the US, the classic looks of the New York cab do not give any hint as to the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Rugged and reliable, it was in fact manufactured by Checker and was even available as a passenger car from 1960 to 1982.

The donor engine was sourced from Chevrolet, and although a V8 option was available most cabs preferred the more economical 6, while 6 or 8 seat configurations were available.

The styling of the car did not change much over the years of production, and slowly cab drivers found favour with more traditional large sedans - which ultimately caused the demise of the Checker Marathon.
1969 Checker Marathon

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