Chrysler Valiant S Series

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Chrysler Valiant S Series


Chrysler Valiant S Series

1962 - 1963
Slant 6
3.686 ltr.
145 bhp
3 spd. man / 3 spd. "TorqueFlite" auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
4 star
Chrysler Valiant S Series
Chrysler Valiant S Series
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The Valiant S series, or SV-1, was an evolution of the R Series, it continuing the theme of a US design being locally assembled.

Chrysler Australia chiefs new they were on a winner with the new Valiant, the R Series selling out within days of its launch, and so plans were made to bring the newly US released S Series into the country just as quickly as possible.

As with its predecessor, the model range was rather limited, only the four door model being made available – but this time there would be more than a mere 1008 cars made available to Chrysler dealerships around the country.

Then Chrysler Managing Director David H. Brown declared the S Series boasted many improvements over the outgoing R Series, however the move to relocate the gear shifter from the floor to the steering column was obviously not one of them!

Despite this obvious backward step, there were quite a few “improvements” introduced with the S Series, including larger brakes, a cleaner and more modern grille treatment, smoother flowing boot line (with the controversial fake spare wheel moulding removed), a welcome increase in the capacity of the fuel tank, up from 10 gallons (48 litres) to 11.7 gallons (53 litres), and a corrosion resistant exhaust muffler.

The rear brake lights were also changed, the narrow R Series versions being replaced by new round style units.

Helping ease the burden to the hip pocket nerve, the new sealed chassis system (sealed ball joints and tie rod ends) made the lubrication at 2000 miles (3200km) no longer necessary, it increased to a whopping 32,000 miles (51,200km) excluding of course the front end, which typically for the time still required regular greasing.

The price increase over the outgoing model was kept to a modest ₤16 , the base price now being ₤1255 ($2510) and ₤1385 ($2670) for the automatic. Dealers could easily justify the increase when detailing the obvious savings every new S Series owner would make with the new chassis system. Following the trend set by the R Series, the S Series was popular, and waiting lists ensued. If you wanted one, be prepared to wait.

The Chrysler marketing campaign at the time detailed 21 ways “You’ll like Valiant Best!”

21 Ways You'll Like Valiant Best

  1. You benefit from the fact that Valiant is a well tried and proven car. Right from its introduction in the U.S.A. in 1959, Valiant won unstinted applause from the public and motoring critics alike. Now Valiant comes to Australia, proved and improved as the result of the experience in the hands of over 500,000 owners.
  2. To say that you will be thrilled at the way this car handles is an understatement. If you haven’t driven Valiant, please take that test drive soon. As for its all-round qualities of performance, we are content to let Valiant speak for itself.
  3. You’ll be proud to drive the longest, lithest beauty in its class. You don’t need a tape-measure to confirm this fact, your eyes (and pulse) will tell you it is so. Valiant’s dimensions are: (a) Overall length, 184.2 in; (b) Overall height (unladen), 56.7 in
  4. You will appreciate Valiant’s “King Size” luggage space (biggest in its class). Valiant’s luggage boot is 50.2 in long, capacity 24.9 cu. ft., and every square inch is usable because the spare tyre is completely out of the way – flat mounted in a special recessed compartment in the floor.
  5. Style that will make you stop, look and whistle. The natural colour photos of Valiant shown in this catalogue speak more convincingly than a thousand words.
  6. You’ll find Chrysler “Torsion-Aire” the smoothest ride of your life. Instead of coil springs at the front, Valiant has torsion bars of high-chrome steel. The torsion (or twist) of these bars resists the up-and-down motion of the wheels, gradually, giving you a smoother, steadier ride. At the rear are wide-spaced, fast acting “Levelizer” leaf springs. These are made stiff near the front for firm ride control, limber at the back for gentle cushioning.
  7. Valiant’s wider track means extra stability and safety. Another reason why Valiant is so sure footed is its wide track, 55.9 in. at front, 55.6 in. at rear.
  8. Another Chrysler first…the amazing new Alternator. Unlike the generator, Valiant’s alternator keeps charging even when the engine is idling. The result – easier starting in cold weather, less battery trouble and longer battery life.
  9. Optional TorqueFlite 3-speed push-button automatic transmission. TorqueFlite is a completely automatic 3-speed transmission, controlled by the accelerator pedal and five pushbuttons. All upshifts or downshifts are made automatically and quietly. Push button D (drive) covers all normal driving needs. Pressing the “2” button keeps transmission from shifting into “high”, providing powerful engine grakeing, or for stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic. Button “1” holds the transmission in low range for driving in sand or mud. A lever is provided to lock the transmission when parked.
  10. Unibody construction ends the major cause of body rattles and squeaks. Instead of bolting body to frame, Valiant combines both into a rigid one-piece unit by over 5,300 spot and seam welds. “The Autocar” described Chrysler’s “Unibody” as “the most advanced unit construction body yet designed.
  11. Instruments are easy to read. Instruments are grouped in front of the driver in a hooded panel, matt-black in colour to eliminate reflections.
  12. Front seat “Tailors” itself to suit your driving position. Mounted on a curved track, the front seat tilts back slightly when moved to the rear.
  13. This engine will give you a new slant on power with economy. Valiant’s ultra-modern O.H.V. “six” is inclined 30˚ to the right. This not only allows for a lower bonnet line, but also allows the water pump to be mounted on the side, saving 4 in. in engine length, which has been added to the passenger compartment. Inclining the engine also makes possible intake and exhaust manifolding of very high efficiency. The intake manifold has six individual branches which not only feed an even fuel mixture to each cylinder, but have long radius curves permitting gases to enter the cylinders with a minimum of restriction. aluminium is used extensively to eliminate dead weight. The engine develops 145 bhp and 215 lbs./ft. torque. It performs like a V8, but has the traditional economy of a “six”.
  14. Dual headlights. Look smarter, provide greater safety for night driving.
  15. Visibly, Valiant puts safety first. Wide, curved windscreen and low bonnet line give a clear view of the road ahead.
  16. Perfect protection in case of a blow-out. Valiant has 14 inch “Safety Rim” wheels, another Chrysler exclusive.
  17. Reversing lights standard equipment. Greater safety at night.
  18. Screened cowl-top ventilating system. Extra comfort in hot weather.
  19. Safety-padded instrument panel.
  20. Longer periods between engine oil changes, now only necessary every 4,000 miles
  21. Savings through simplified chassis lubrication. Major chassis lubrication now necessary only every 32,000 miles or two years. Number of lubrication points also substantially reduced by pre-lubrication and sealing at the factory.
Valiant S Series
Valiant S Series

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