Cord 810/812

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Cord 810/812

1937 - 1938
Side Valve V8
4730 cc
170 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
100 mph / 160 km/h
Number Built:
5 star
Cord 810
Cord 810/812
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Our Rating: 5


Founded in 1929, this prestigous American manufacturer is best known for the 810/812 series released in 1937.

Already known for making front wheel drive vehicles, this Cord was no different however instead of using a straight 8 it was powered by a side valve V8.

The car featured retracting headlights and wrap around grille that sat below a long sleek hood. For the day, a V8 engine producing 170bhp and boasting a top speed of 100mph was considered extremely powerful and quick.

The last of the Cords was also the last of the American front wheel drivers for some 30 years, until the Oldsmobile Toronado was released.

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