Crosley 1939

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1939 - 1942
2 cyl. Air Cooled
13.5 bhp
3 spd. man
Top Speed:
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3 star
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Perhaps one of the strangest vehicles to come out of the US of A was the Crosley, a sub compact car that began life in 1939 and survived until 1952.

What was so unique about the Crosley was its humble design, based very much on the small sub-compact cars from Europe, and built in a country where the traditional sedans bonet was longer than this little car.

Between 1939 to 1941 the Crosley was fitted with a 38.9 cubic inch 2-cylinder air-cooled engine, which was increased in size in 1941 to 35.3 cubic inches. With the advent of war and subsequent petrol rationing one can quickly identify why the Crosley was in fact able to survive for 13 years...

The Crosley was the brainchild of one Powel Crosley, Jr., who thought the car more of an "appliance". In the first year 2017 were sold, the showroom being the local hardware or appliance shop!

In 1940 Crosley improved the cars' engines and increased the model lineup to 5 variants, which included a standard and DeLuxe sedan; station wagon; convertible; a "covered wagon" pickup with full canvas top; plus several commercial bodies.

Styling and interior appointments were of course primitive, even by the standards of 1940. The car sat on tiny 4.25 x 12 inch tyres, and featured a six gallon fuel tank and mechanical brakes.

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