Excalibur Reviews and Road Tests

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Excalibur Car Company

The Excalibur automobile from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was a car styled after the 1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK by Brooks Stevens for Studebaker. Stevens subsequently formed a company to manufacture and market the cars, which were conventional under their styling. A prototype premiered at car shows in 1963, fitted on a Studebaker chassis and using a 290-horsepower Studebaker 289 V-8. Studebaker subsequently ceased its operations, ending the availability of its 289 V8. General Motors friends Ed Cole and "Bunkie" Knudsen agreed to provide Brooks Stevens with Chevrolet 327s in 300-bhp Corvette tune, making the 2100-pound Excalibur a strong performer. With the standard 3.31:1 rear axle, acceleration from 0-60 mph took less than five seconds. Projected top speed was 160 mph.
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Excalibur SSKL and SS Phaeton

1963 - 1990
Vintage and veteran cars began to become popular in the 1950s and 1960s, collectors and scouring the world looking for un-discovered cars. Soon most of the available cars were in the hands of collectors and prices began to escalate dramatically, so much so that the less wealthy enthusiast was unable to even to contemplate buying a vintage car. Many owners simply put their cars away as investments in just the same way as paintings and other antiques. More>>
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