GAZ M24 Volga

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GAZ M24 Volga

1970 - 1992
Soviet Union
L4 and V8
2445 / 5530cc
100bhp (4L)
4 spd. man (3 spd auto fitted to V8)
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
GAZ M24 Volga
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The replacement to the M21, the all new M24 Volga entered limited production in 1968, although it would take until 1970 for the car to reach full scale production.

The Estate (Station Wagon) GAZ 24-02 Universal arrived in 1972, and the car would spawn other unique models, such as the 1973/1974 experimental GAZ 24-95, which featured an all-wheel-drive system (although only 5 were ever produced, one being proudly owned by Soviet leader Leonid Illich Brezhnev).

The M24 would also enjoy limited success in foreign markets - the only exception being the UK where only the earlier M21 Volga was imported in very limited numbers. The M24 remained as conventional as its predecessors, with power drum brakes as standard, and power steering being standard on the handful of V8 cars.

The M24 was equipped with AM/FM transistorized 3-wave radio with power antenna, heater with defroster, rear window defogger, front and rear central armrests, front and rear seatbelts (since 1977), electric clocks, 2 windscreen washers, instrument panel safety padding, padded sun visors, door-to-door carpeting, boot and glove compartment lights. Custom-built cars were equipped with air conditioner, tinted glass, custom interiors, power windows and additional chrome trim.

The M24-10 (basically an M24 with a more modern plastic grille) was produced from 1985-92. An estate, the M24-12 Universal, was also produced.

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