HSV Commodore VP

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HSV Commodore VP

1991 - 1993
V8 5.0 ltr.
up to 200kW (GTS, Clubsport 5000i)
5/6 spd. man; 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
251 km/h (Senator 5000i auto)
Number Built:
1594 (all models)
HDT VC Commodore
HSV Commodore VP
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There wasn’t much to separate the VP over the outgoing VN, cosmetically anyway. But that would be selling the VP short. HSV were quick to incorporate IRS and other Holden improvements into it’s own range.

The VP would see HSV clock up their 5000th vehicle, and only two years later with the same model their 8000th, the latter marked by the release of 138 special edition 5th Anniversary models – each painted in Galaxy Blue over Panorama Silver.

The Club Sport that had been introduced just prior to the end of the VN’s reign would carry over to the VP series as a no-frills Executive based V8.

John Harvey, HSV’s marketing manager and former Bathurst winner, made no apologies for the entry level HSV model; “…what we’re doing is putting the V8 performance car back into the reach of Mr Joe Average.” Although none from the Average household were available for comment, not too many were seen to object to this philosophy.

Early in 1992 HSV introduced the HSV Senator and Senator 5000i, and by August the GTS nametag was revived for another iteration of the hot HSV’s.

It may not have been a Monaro, but it was reserved for a Holden boasting a stonking 200kW 5.0 litre V8. HSV also continued the manufacture of after market HSV enhancement packages for the more humble Commodores and Statesman’s.

In all, there were plenty of HSV’s from which to choose, including the Club Sport, Sport Wagon, SV91, + Six, Maloo, Senator and Senator 5000i, Nitron, GTS, Statesman SV93, Formula and Club Sport 5000i.

HSV Commodore VP

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