Mazda RX2

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Mazda RX2

1970 - 1978
1.148 litre
130bhp / 97kW
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
118mph / 190km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Mazda RX2
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The Mazda RX2 is credited with being the first "normal" car to be fitted with a rotary engine. Available as a 4 door sedan or 2 door coupe, the RX2 quickly gained a reputation for good performance and poor petrol economy...

The RX2 was fitted with the new 12A rotary engine, and such was the popularity of the model that it survived from 1970 until 1978.

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My RX-2 was the Super Deluxe Coupe which was an early 1973 model Series II with twin headlight front. It had the 12As made 130hp, with 950kg (SD coupe), my RX-2 was reasonably quick at 16.3 seconds for the quarter mile (as was quoted). The reason I bought it was because for the sort of performance it had my RX-2 was far beyond the opposition in its class and was pretty close to the bigger fish like the Holden GTR-XU1 Torana, Ford Capri V6 or the Valiant Pacer 245 and because it was Japanese and of high quality build as Mazda’s were. I kept it to early 74, when I traded it in because it blew a seal and I got stuck with it in peak hour traffic in Sydney. After that, stupidly, I traded it in for an RX-3 which really had the same troubles with its seals and got stuck with that also in peak hour traffic in Sydney. Lol But all in all I persisted with the Mazda Wankel rotaries and had some great fun with them while I owned them. How I wish I would have both of my ex RX-2 and RX-3 parked in my garage now, in stock standard form and mint, as I would have quite an investment and some serious money as a collector with these 2 cars. lol
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