NSU Prinz IV

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NSU Prinz IV

1961 - 1972
Two Cylinder Air Cooled (rear)
598 cc
30 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
116 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
NSU Prinz IV
NSU Prinz IV
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The NSU Prinz IV replaced the original Prinz (I to III) in 1961. The Prinz was considerably shorter than the NSU 1000, particularly in the rear, with the engine compartment encroaching on the rear seating area.

Like its predecessor, the Prinz IV was powered by a 2-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the drive train and, some thought styling, very similar to the Chevy Corsair.

When NSU was acquired by Volkswagen, the name was changed to Audi-NSU AG, and the small, rear-engined models were quickly phased out, as they were too competitive against Volkswagen's own Beetle!

In 1967, Soviet manufacturer ZAZ created a virtual copy of the NSU Prinz, named ZAZ-966. However, the engine an air-cooled V4 with 900 cc and 30 hp (1200 cc and 39 hp in later years), totally different from the NSU's unit.

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