Otosan Otomobil Sanayii Car Reviews and Road Tests

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Otosan Anadol Car Company

Founded in 1966, Otosan Otomobil Sanayii manufactured Turkey's fird domestic mass-production passenger vehicle, the Anadol (the honours for manufacturing the very first Turkish vehicle falling to Devrim). In all there were seven models manufactured between 1966 and 1991, the A1 (1966 - 1975), A2 (1970 - 1981), STC-16 (1973 - 1975), SV-1600 (1973 - 1982), Böcek (1975 - 1977), A8-16 (1981 - 1984) and Otosan 500 Pick-Up (1971 - 1991).

Production of passenger vehicles came to a halt in 1986, while the Otosan 500 Pick-Up remained in manufacture until the end. Today the company is concerned with building Ford passenger and commercial vehicles which are exported to numerous countries throughout the world, particularly to the European Union member states.
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Otosan Anadol A1

Anadol A1

1966 - 1975
The new model went into production on the 19th December 1966, these first iterations using the 1200cc Cortina engine. In October 1968 this was replaced by the 1300cc Kent engine, a much stronger and more reliable unit. Then in 1969 the dashboard gauges were updated with a new design and their positions were changed, even the steering wheel was given an ergonomic overhaul. More>>
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