Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

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Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth Road-Runner Superbird

1958 - 1960
4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
130 mph / 208 km/h
Number Built:
5 star
Plymouth Road-Runner Superbird
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While many cars have benefited from the aerodynamic enhancements added to cars to make them suitable for the race track, probably of most note in Australia being the Torana A9X, the Plymouth Road Runner takes the award for having the most ridiculous aerodynamic enhancements, putting even the Subaru WRX bonnet scoop to shame.

Designed for NASCAR circuits, Chrysler attached a new drop nose and rear wing to their Dodge Charger enabling it to lap at speeds exceeding 200mph. The front nose-piece was some 18" in size and was so effective in reducing front end lift that an equivelant rear wing was required.

As part of the NASCAR rules required manufacturers to build 500 road-going versions, the US public were able to purchase these race bred cars under the name "Charger Daytona". Plymouth were to follow with their own version, the Road Runner Superbird - a car based on the 'Belvedere'.

When NASCAR rules changed in 1970 to ensure at least one car was built for every 2 dealers in the US, Plymouth increased production to a total of 1900 units. Alas the rule book was to change for the worse for the Road Runner, when smaller capacity engines were in favour.

But the Road-Runners victories in 1970 (where it one 38 NASCAR races to Ford's 10) will ensure it remains an important and collectable historic road warrior of days gone by.

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