Skoda Popular

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Škoda Popular

1934 - 1946
Czech Republic
4 cyl.
1089 cc
20 - 30 bhp
3 spd. man
Top Speed:
100 km/h (tudor) - 105 km/h (roadster-kabriolet)
Number Built:
4,220 / 6,600
4 star
Skoda Popular
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There were many iterations of the popular "Popular", Škoda's very successful car of the decade for Europe in the 1930's.

Initially released as the 906, there was a quick succession of models including the 907, 908 and 917 up to 1938.

The first example was fitted with a rather insipid 1 litre engine, which would increase in very small increments during the life of the vehicle.

The Škoda was somewhat of a revolution in automotive design, vehicles manufactured up to the 1930's had traditionally used a ladder-type frame in their construciton, however the Popular was based on central-tube frame chassis.

While only 4,220 of pre 1938 models would be manufactured, that number was considered very substantial given the affordability of automobiles in that era.

The most collectable is without doubt the Škoda Popular Sport - a car that would suprise all commentators of the era by taking out second place in the 1938 Monte Carlo Rallye - unfortunately only 72 would be built.

Yet another iteration, the Škoda Superb, would be awarded a special prize in 1935 for its elegant design. However the best known of the Popular series was the 1100cc 927 model, manufactured (predominantly) during the war years between 1938 and 1946.

Underpowered it may have been, the Popular proved to be both robust and reliable during the darkest period of automotive history. That 6,600 were manufactured at a time when automobiles were relegated to desires of a pre-war era demonstrates how impressive the 927 Popular was.

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