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Swallow_Doretti Car Company

After World War 2, Swallow Sidecars decided to concentrate on the manufacture of cars, and of course distance themselves from the "SS" monkiker. Swallow Sidecars had, however, built up a stellar reputation. The Helliwell Group were an aircraft maintenance firm that was looking for an opportunity to keep their busiiness running in a post-war environment. With fuel rations still in place, and cars prohibitively expensive, the decision was made to purchase the Swallow Coachbuilding Company of Albion Road, Birmingham - a company that had been set up in 1935 as a seperate entity closely tied to Jaguar.

Sidecars produced at Helliwells' Walsall Airport works were built in the same way as the SS originals and used the same patented trademark. The company manufactured a 3 wheel sportscar using the Harley Davidson Twincam EVO engine, known as the Swallow V-Twin, and it was available in 2 models, "Touring" and "Speedster". And of course there was a car, the short lived Swallow Doretti, which is covered in more detail in a seperate review listed below.

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Swallow Doretti

Swallow Doretti

1954 - 1955
The Swallow Doretti was a car built by Swallow Coachbuilding, a small firm which once belonged to Jaguar founder William Lyons. It had a Triumph TR2 engine in a tubular chassis-frame, under a strong steel-panelled body with aluminium skins. More>>
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