Chevrolet Commercials: Chevrolet for 1955

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Chevrolet Commercials: Chevrolet for 1955

Chevrolet for 1955
USA (circa 1955)

metal wheels, designers wheels, industries wheels. The wonderful wheels of progress, togther they produce more than a car, a new concept, Chevrolet for '55, the "Motoramic Chevrolet".

See its fresh Motoramic beauty, its striking new show-car styling, try its surging Motoramic power in any of Chevrolet's three all new valve and head engines, the hundred and sixty two horse power "Turbo Fire" V8 and two "Blue Flame" sixes.

Enjoy everything from tubeless tyres as standard equipment to air-conditioning (optional extra cost).

See and drive the Motoramic Chevrolet for '55, at your Chevrolet dealers now.

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