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1618 Wisemans Ferry Road , Central Mangrove NSW 2250

About Vintage Motor Garage

Vintage Motor Garage has a proud history of vehicle restoration in Australia. In 1973 Max Houston founded VMG as a one man operation in an earth floor farm shed. Max, a mechanic himself, did most of the work initially, gradually employing tradesmen to complete various aspects of the restoration. Over the years the earth floor was replaced with concrete and the shed grew up the yard. It now covers an area of approximately 1400 sq metres.

Jonathan, Max's son, took on the business at the beginning of 2001 and is continuing to provide enthusiasts with world class restoration services. More than thirty years on VMG currently employs sixteen full and part time staff. The team at VMG strives to provide a service of integrity and quality workmanship. It is the true one stop shop for restoration and servicing of all vintage and classic vehicles.

Over the years hundreds of vehicles have been completely restored or have had major work carried out. Countless others have had minor repairs and regular servicing. VMG is equipped to deal with the full restoration of any motor vehicle. Whether your project is a veteran, vintage or classic vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or even a motorcycle, we can call on many years of expertise and experience from our dedicated staff. Time and again the team can often be engaged in recreating virtually the whole vehicle or part thereof. VMG is also able to carry out meticulous regular servicing of your special vehicle.

Interestingly, vehicles have aged from the turn of the century veterans to cars younger than the business. Over the years many fascinating vehicles have passed through the doors ranging from one of the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie cars to Vice-Regal limousines. Vehicles that have been restored by VMG now reside in and have won numerous trophies in all parts of Australia, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Restoration and Repair

Many vehicles require some very specialist tools to carry out various repair and restoration tasks. Our extensive collection of special tools covers a wide range of vehicles, in particular Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor vehicles.

We have the experience and know how to repair the most complex vehicles. Many cars were never intended as D.I.Y repair projects. We have an extensive collection of special pullers, spanners and keys to dismantle and reassemble many components. Many tools are naturally no longer available and if we don't have it or can't buy it we simply make it in our machine shop. We are constantly adding to this range of equipment. This way we ensure that all work is completed to the high standards of the original manufacturers.

Body Work

VMG is expert in all types of sheet metal work, steel or aluminium, nickel silver, brass and stainless steel. There is no motor body that is beyond repair. Whether it be rust in steel or corrosion in aluminium panels or more serious decay in structural members, sills or pillars we have the skills and machinery to remanufacture any body part. There is no panel that cannot be reproduced, whether a complete body skin, scuttle vent or mudguard. All these and more are being constantly fashioned by the Body Section at VMG.

Chassis Sections

Chassis sections, cross members, or other complex shapes can also be reproduced for serious rust, decay or collision damage. We liaise with all Classic Car Insurers to facilitate restitution to pre-accident condition of your favourite vehicle should it suffer accident damage.

Radiator Grills and Steel Cowls

Radiator grills and steel cowls can be repaired or re-made. Radiator cores of all varieties including honeycomb, cell and tube types can be dismantled and chemically cleaned to restore original efficiency. Honeycomb cores in particular are our specialty. These can be thoroughly dismantled and reassembled after cleaning. Replacing whole cores is also regularly carried out at VMG.

Fuel Tanks

Most old fuel tanks are rusty and troublesome due to metal decay simply because of its age. New tanks can be made from correct materials, using original methods, such as rivets, that will restore the originality and reliability of your vehicle. Original tanks can of course be repaired if practical.


VMG have a fully equipped coachbuilding section. Partial wood frame repairs or complete reframing of a badly decayed body are routine tasks. New bodies are designed and built or replicated from photographs or sketches as required. Closed or open bodies, sports cars and convertible bodies are all routine exercises. All special locks, hinges, pivots and fittings related to these bodies can be specially manufactured or procured as required so that the details on new bodies is absolutely appropriate to the vehicle and its age. Researching these details can be quite extensive but with our immense range of contacts around Australia and internationally and our own resource library, it is not impossible to verify the correct item.

Veneer and Timber

Premier veneer work to dashboards and window trims, custom cabinets for drinks, stereos or even air conditioning are carried out by talented tradesmen. Whether it is a hearse, a tourist bus or other commercial vehicle, a Maharajah's exotic Rolls-Royce or a sports car, our woodshop can expertly repair or construct any vintage body.

Paintwork and Duco

The first noticed and most admired part of any restoration is the obviously the paintwork. The finish of any vehicle painted at VMG will impress even the most fastidious owner whether painted in the recommended two pack baked enamels or the more authentic lacquer. Only quality paint products are used at VMG by our skilled painter.

Brightwork and Chrome

To complement impressive and flawless paintwork, all brightwork is carried out to the highest standard by trusted electroplaters. Whether it be delicate brass headlights or bolts for the engine bay, the appropriate type and standard of plating is painstakingly carried out.


Upholstery, convertible tops and interior trim are designed and made along side the vehicle onsite at VMG. Whether it is the production of complete seats with custom trim styles and logos, or faithful restoration of an original, it is completed to our own high standard. Any desired fabric can be used - from the famous Connolly leather to French tapestry reinforced for automotive use. VMG have a number of sample swatches of leather to choose from, ensuring you get just the right colour to compliment the paintwork. From Spartan functionality to pure opulence, nothing is an obstacle to achieving the desired result at VMG.

Convertible Tops

Of course, to protect these interiors when in open cars, we also design and construct convertible top mechanisms and coverings. From simple Edwardian wood and steel frames to the much more complex power operated mechanisms of more recent times, we can do, and have done, it all.

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