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Hillman Hunter HE 660 Royal sports sedan

Hillman Hunter HE 660 Royal sports sedan

Publish Date: 03-11-2015

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Photo submitted by Jeff Andersen

Apart from the factory included items mentioned on the pic above, our 'Bondi Bleach' White Royal 660 sports sedan also left the factory with 'Valiant VG Sports 770 style' black luxury Buffalo grain interior with high back bucket seats and nice Chrysler 770/VIP grain style vinyl roof, a short floor console, VG Pacer steering wheel, Valiant style collapsible boss, and many other Valiant parts lifted straight from the CAL Valiant parts draws. The 660s also included a stunning real polished wood dash with full sports instrumentation, 1725cc GT Hi-Performance engine with large valve Alloy head and factory twin outlet sports exhaust header system, twin Stromberg CD150 side draft carbs (similar to LC XU1 Toranas ) Power assisted front Disc brakes and the Australian made ROH version of the 'Rostyle' sports wheels. These little Hunters are great little beasts all round! And this car now also has the optional Laycock overdrive transmission which enables a 5 or 6 speed manual that transforms it into a much smoother and quieter beast on the freeway!
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