Alfa Romeo GTV6

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Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo GTV6

1979 - 1986
2492 cc
160 bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
132 mph
Number Built:
2 star
Alfa Romeo GTV6
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Alfa's reputation for building the world's best V6's started in 1979 with the introduction of the Alfetta GTV. It sported a beautiful body styled by Giugiaro, true 4 seat seating capacity and a rear transaxle gearbox that improved front-to-rear weight distribution to 50/50. Handling was impressive, but performance was lazy when powered by the 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre twin-cam four-cylinder derived from 1750 GTV and 2000 GTV's.

The solution was to create an all-new V6, displacing 2492cc, capable of 160 hp and 157 lb. ft (117 kW @ 5600 rpm). It enabled the new Alfetta GTV, now simply called "GTV6", to top 130 mph and clock 0-60 mph in slightly over 8 seconds. That the GTV6 was the outright winner of the 1982 and 1983 European Touring Car Championships came as no suprise to the lucky owners.

Although outwardly distinguishable only by the power bulge in the bonnet, underneath the Giugiaro-styled body the car's entire running gear had been upgraded to take the power of the all-alloy fuel injected V6. The new V6 engine had virtually no protractors. Although it had single camshaft per bank, it was extremely smooth, willing, and musical and was regarded by most to be the best V6 in production. The engine continued evolving to Alfa 164's 3.0-litre unit and today's GTV's 2.5 and 3.0 V6's.

The tight-vee 60° motor, with its race bred oversize valves and electronic fuel injection, had allowed the Alfa engineers to sqeeze every last ounce of performance out of the engine. Gutsy and tractable, the GTV6 could accelerate strongly right from idle, and wanted to keep pushing all the way to beyond the 5600 rpm redline.

Ventilated four wheel disc brakes, upgraded suspension, Pirelli P6 tyres and a heavy duty twin-disc type dry clutch headed the long list of changes. Torsion bars and shock absorbers were re-rated to handle the extra power and to give a firmer and more positive ride. The rear disc brakes were fitted with anti-lock pressure regulators.

But performance was not the GTV6's only forte. Being an extremely torquey engine, the 2.5 litre V6 engine could be driven extremely economically and was able to produce fuel consumption figures which contradicted the car's out-and-out sports image. To be honest, we couldn't put it any better than the Alfa marketing team, so we will simply quote them...

The Line. The Style. The Power. Driving As An Art

"From the first time you take the wheel of the GTV 6 you will understand what performance driving is all about. With the superior levels of power and control, and a perfect balance of both, the GTV 6 redefines driving as an art. An art that we have learned from over 100 Grand Prix victories. 100 Grand Prix victories have taught us how to buld a car that drives like no other. They have also taught us that a true performance car must respond to every driving situation. Instantaneously and precisely. Every aspect of the GTV 6 was designed to put new meaning in "car as extension of self". Our engineers have been fanatical about the levels of performance in the Alfa Romeo GTV 6. A 2.5 litre 60° V6 all-alloy DOHC engine and L-Jetronic fuel injection deliver performance that will take you from the curb to the national speed limit in a lightning flash.

Sodium filled exhaust valves ensure cool engine running. A nitrided forged steel crankshaft delivers great reliability and enormous strength. Over-sized vented front disc brakes ensure stopping that's smooth, fast and fade-resistant. De Dion rear suspension keeps the rear driving wheels 90° to the road surface to maximise delivery of power. The GTV 6 is not only a beautiful line. It's a functional line. Every curve, every plane, every nuance of the GTV 6 is designed to present the least possible resistance to the air. Not only have our aerodynamic experts conquered performance-robbing drag to a remarkable degree, they have also reduced resistance to cross winds.

All these engineering and design refinements result in a car that's equally at home on the highway passing Porsches or commuting to the office. The GTV 6 is a balance of ingredients that joins you, the car and the road in a very special way. Aerodynamic refinement is a part of it, an optimised engine is a part of it, superior weight distribution and suspension dynamics are a part of it, but the way that all these elements interact with you and respond to you is what makes the GTV 6 such a stunning car.

The GTV 6. Outright winner of the 1982 and 1983 European Touring Car Championships. Isn't it about time you experienced the pinnacle of motoring today? The GTV 6. Test drive one today and experience - The Line. The Style. The Power"...

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Theo Tavoularis
Posted Recently
I agree with all of you guys ! I've owned my 1985 GTV6 since August 1992, so I've had it now for almost 20 years and I love it more today than than when I bought it. I drive it every day but still take it out for the usual early Sunday morning run. It still takes my breath away when I walk up to it in the carpark after work. When I drive it - really drive it - you can't help but thinking "...someone really thought about this car when it was being designed and built...." The steering is sharp and precise. Dynamically, it involves the driver like almost nothing else. The de dion rear end gives it balance and poise. And that engine !!!! Like Alain de Cadenet said: "the only thing I fear about dying is not being able to drive my Alfa". He'd be perfectly correct it he added "GTV6" after "Alfa".
Posted Recently
I've owned lots of Alfa's. The 1986 GTV6 is my favorite. It is an experience to drive and loves to be driven. Mine turns heads all the time and I love the fact it is so low to the ground. If you love driving you need to own one of these cars before you die.
Chris Ioannou
Posted Recently
I couldn't agree with you more Jean-Jacques! I owned a 1985 GTV6 for 7 years and loved being behind the wheel every minute. Every drive was an occasion. I now drive a 3.0 GTV (the last series) and whilst it is a far more superior car and much more powerful, the old GTV6 had something about it that cannot be captured in today's cars. One day I will own a GTV6 again...that's for sure
Posted Recently
I have had the chance to drive five Alfas in my life so far. I have owned four of the five. Each was a real unique vehicle with always this driving addiction that goes with it. I own a 1984 GTV6 and I truly adore this vehicle. The handling is really precise. The sound of the engine is super musical and the performances are outstanding when you reallize that this car with a 160 horse power can reach 135 miles per hour (real speed). I know a lot of of modern production cars with more horse power that cannot come close to this level. Anyway, what I like the most about this vehicle is that it feels like as if it has a soul of its own. To me, it is "a real car" with a heart. I wish they made more cars like the GTV6 these days.
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