Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer

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Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer

1970 - 1973
Slant 6
225 ci
185 hp/218 bhp
3 spd. man
Top Speed:

179 km/h

Number Built:
4 star
Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer
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Chrysler brought out the sporty Pacer in 1969. Powered by a high-performance slant six, it featured a beefed up suspension, floor-mounted four-speed, snarly exhaust, and built-in tachometer.

The slant six put out about 170-180 hp, and the quarter mile was about 17.8 seconds. The VF model Pacer was only available as a 4 door sedan coupled to a 3 speed manual floor shift.

The VG Pacer (1970) was the first model to offer a Pacer 2 door coupe (as pictured). The VG Pacer sedans were available as the standard Pacer (245 Hemi, 185 hp with 2 bbl), E31 Pacer (High Performance 250 version of the 245, with a 2 bbl carb, about 195 hp)and the E34 Pacer (Even higher ouput version of the 250 E31 engine with a 4 bbl carb, wilder camshaft, etc, around 235 hp).

Due to Chrysler Australia's policy of using only locally produced components, and the fact that no local manufacturer was producing a 4 speed gearbox, the Pacer was limited to a 3 speed floor shift manual gearbox.

The Pacer got new power in 1970. Its new, Australian engine used hemispherical ("hemi") heads in a 245 cubic inch in-line six, a two-barrel carburettor, and a higher lift cam.

The Pacer, with a four-barrel carb, could do the quarter mile in under 16 seconds. A 1972 VH Pacer Sedan, with a manual 265 two barrel, originally sold for $3235.

The engine ran 218 hp (163 kW) @ 4800 rpm, 273 lb-ft (370 Nm) @ 3000 rpm. Top speed 112mph (179km/h), 0-60 mph 7.6 sec, standing quarter 15.9 sec, weighing in at 3120 lb (1415 kg). The next year, the VH models came out.

The VH Pacer had a higher performance 265, and it set a record for being the fastest mass-produced four-door sedan with a six cylinder engine produced in Australia (the record was undisputed until 1988).

The relatively inexpensive Pacer's 265 had 218 hp and 273 lb-ft, leading to a 15.9 second quarter mile, 8 second 0-100 km/h, and top speed of 185 km/h (with a three-speed).

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Always a shame the E34 wasn't fitted with a 4-speed and the problems with the 4bbl weren't fixed
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The big VH Pacer was an extremely underrated vehicle that was almost always underestimated by any brand X V8 driver, and even other Chrysler owners. You needed a 351, early 350 or a rare 340 to beat it with a stock-o bent eight (though Chrysler's R/T range and the LJ Bathurst XU-1 could dust it and were 6s too) and many 302s and 308s were left behind. Great car that was no where near as bad a handler and steerer as many who believed the opposition would think. Heaps of room, wild paint and awesome power for a stock six in 1971, especially the later 4 speeds which picked up a tenth or two on the 1/4 mile.
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