Ford Falcon EB

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Ford Falcon EB

1991 - 1993
6 cyl. & V8
3157/3949/4999 cc
90 /139kw 6 cyl - 165kw V8
5 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
180 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Ford Falcon EB
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The EB facelift hardly altered the apearance of the EA, however the big news for V8 fans was the re-introduction of the V8 (available for the first time since 1983).

The Mustang sourced 5.0 litre "Windsor" V8 developed a respectable 165kw. The front suspension was further improved over the EA, as Ford upgraded the springs, introduced gas shock absorbers, negative camber and increased castor front end geometry - the end result being far better handling.

As is the trend with any facelift, the EB received significant specification upgrades and, while being much better value than its predecessor, had now overcome most of the reliability issues.

For car enthusiasts, the EB saw the introduction of the "XR6"and "XR8" models, as well as the re-introduction of the "GT".

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Posted Recently
Hi .. I have a EB xr8 witch idles rough at idle it fluctuates up and down at idle any suggestions would be great thanks
Nias Matson
Posted Recently
I'm finally happy to know my eb is a 25th anniversay edition.I have a fairmont ghia with the gt bodykit digital dash velour interior chrome strip round the car so I'm stoked.What are they worth does anyone know?
Posted Recently
No arguments here. I have the 5.0 MPEFI. Don't care either way but LOVE the sound and power of the V8. Anyway, my question is the confusion of what exact model I actually have (please answer if you can). What I've come up with is conflicting...It is a 5.0 ltr Multi-Point EFI, It's badged JUL 93- EB Falcon, has to be EBII because it has the back seat lap sash,smartlock and abs.This is where it gets confusing- It has power mirrors which only Fairmont suppose to have, Full body kit from EB GT 25TH Anniversary (I worked out) but ED four headlight version, now to stuff it right up-it has XR8 badges (also tickford badges). Leaning towards it being an XR8 (S-XR8) because of the year and that it has an obvious factory 5.0ltr. But someone has put a GT ED (If exist?) body kit on it. Looks Mint but need to know what the f..k it is. Half a chance it could be gt....but highly doubt it. PLEASE HELP!
Posted Recently
ive got a eb falcon one owner bought it off and old guy very low kms no rust very good condition lookin to sell for 1500 as is pls call 0400265181
Posted Recently
I have recently (and unfortunately) taken ownership of my late father's car which is a 1990 Ford Fairmont Ghia EAII, 5 litre V8, 5 speed manual.
Which was built by Ford motor group company at its Campbellfield assembly plant December 1990 (compliance plate date)
I have all the certified documents from Ford themselves confirming everything about this "PROTO BUILD" that was built at there assembly plant, Included is the following information i have thus far:
SIDO No, Serial prefix No, Model No, Engine No/Code, Transmission Code, Trim Code, Paint Code, Date of manufacture and options:
"pre- delivered by Ford Australia Product Engineering Office"
Further on this document states:
"The vehicle certainly is unique as Ford Australia were not offering an optional V8 engine in December 1990. Subsequently, a V8 engine was introduced at the next model, EB Falcon in September 1991".
My Father was then told that "somewhere" on/in the car it actually has a plate certifying it was a proto build...I found it!!
Underneath the back parcel shelf written in a permanant marker withe the following:
(please excuse me,if i get anything wrong as its quiet faded now)
QIDA-F-4650634 (i think) p/p 25/06/90
EDA 5337 surplus ED PROTO BUILD
So as you can see its quiet an interesting car and im KEEN to find out AS MUCH as i can prior to the change over ect... ANYTHING!
Posted Recently
Looking for some information on the "Smartlock" on my EB Falcon station wagon, 1992 model. I don't have a manual for the car and the Smartlock thing on the dash is flashing red. The car won't go. What needs to be done to fix the problem? Haven't got a reliable mechanic and don't want to get taken for a ride when I put it in to be fixed. Help me if you can.
Posted Recently
The biggest point people seem to miss here, is that the XR8 is far easier to make go a LOT faster than the XR6 with bugger all money spent on it! I have put in a cold air box from a BA, chopped the fan off the motor and installed AU thermos, a set of headers with a performance exhaust, a mild cam, 265/18's on the back, 235/18s on the front and it runs 15.2 all day! In cold night time air, it will do a 14.6!! Do the same mods to an XR6 and you will not get anywhere near the same gains! Oh...and no matter what you do to it, it will never sound like my V8 does :)
Posted Recently
i have owned a ford falcon eb since new and it has been quite a good car for its time but it has a few design faults such as blowing head gaskets every 50000 km, noicey lifters and a worn engine. I have driven the car carefuly and have looked after it. The car has only done 220,000
and the engine starting to burn oil and i did a commpression test and got 140psi on a few cylinders. The reason why the engines rings are worn more than normal is because when the head gasket went it leeked water into the piston and damaged it as well there could be a sluge build up in the engine. My engine is the same condition as my mates and his car has done 280,000. Even though the car uses a little oil it drive fine because of the large engine and diff ratio. It would go for another 40,000 and with a new engine it would go for more but with two old cars every year both cars need a little work so why put it of getting a younger car that is cheaper to run and you don't have to get under it.
Posted Recently
Yes the XR8 has more torque approx 388nmn vs 365nm but the extra weight of the XR8 cancels out its advantage and the POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO of the XR6 is superior to the XR8 and thus is quicker.
Posted Recently
i have a feeling tim is a moron because the xr6 which your stupid brain dosnt seem to process is a better handling car and unless u get ur fat *** of a computer and do something useful like actally COMPARING A XR6 AND A XR8 IN REAL LIFE you will see that the xr6 handles better specs have nothing to do with owning and driving both models so please stop with your bull *** theory and prove that a heavier xr8 and slower falcon will somehow be quicker around a corner and considering i have driven both models i can tell u the xr6 handles better
Posted Recently
I have a feeling that BBB99 and eb xr6 are automotive novices and probably don't really understand what TORQUE is, like most people....Maybe you should brush up and then compare the specs of the eight and six and realise there is a good reason that a heavier car can be faster and more effortless......
Posted Recently
trent you sound like a *** ing 5yr old! how would a heavier and slower car go faster than the lighter car..................well it doesnt! go back to your mental home!
eb xr6's go quicker than a xr8 in EVERY area
Posted Recently
nah mate it's a known fact that an ex6 is quicker than an xr8 IN a straight line test though where the xr8 pulls away is in cornering, The 5.0l has more torque that the 4.0l (duh) that and the fect that one's a six and the other and eight are pretty much the ony real differances..
Posted Recently
i need to know if a EF EL steering wheel will fit a 93 EB
Posted Recently
I have a Eb falcon with a EF engine fitted but still has the Eb carb cfi,wondering what the power output would be,if anyone could help?
Posted Recently
my XR8 is a manual with the t45 5speed and i have never had a xr6 keep me they are a great car but are a tad slower than the manual xr8 all the factory times are done with the auto xr8 they are slower than the manual by quite a bit
eb xr6
Posted Recently
cmon fellas lets not argue with the clock
1/4 mile times
eb xr6: 16.5
eb xr8:16.6
0-100 km-h times
eb xr6: 7.8
eb xr8: 8.1
not sayin that the 8 is a bad car just dont think people should go around sayin the 6 is a gay panty wearer man's car.
Posted Recently
too many people talk *** about what they know nought. i have a mint ebxr8 and whilst its true that the xr6 was ever so slightly quicker to 100kph, the xr8 shades it over the 400m. also i have never seen a manual xr8 tested, where most if not all the xr6's tested were manual which probably accounts for the slight difference. Also the eight has much superior torque and is exceptionally easy and relaxing to drive.
Posted Recently
The xr6 is not quicker than the xr8 i own a EB xr8 and have had XR6's
*** ing my exhaust fumes . The only XR6 that is Quicker is Turbo. Put your money where your mouth is !!!!
eb xr6
Posted Recently
lol eb xr8 you are stupid if you knew anything you would know that they xr6 was actually faster than the xr8. honestly some people
Posted Recently
i hate everything about this car send them all to hell
eb xr8
Posted Recently
Loving my Eb xr8 , xr6's are gay six cylinder panty wearer man's car.
DL manual eb wagon
Posted Recently
the trans are all the same it"s just the drive shaft that is different.
Posted Recently
Hi there, just wondering if anyone could help me out with a lil problem i got with my ford 91 eb, the transmission in it was no good so i put it in the car shop to get a new one put in, but it was a 91 eb wagon transmission, it fits in perfectly the person that put in in got it from his shop to my yard, then when i went to start it it wouldn't work, is there something differnent from a wagon to a sedan? so if anyone can help me it would be very helpfull thanks.
Posted Recently
Great car. 4 lt 6 ohc in the series two had 145kw and the xr6 had 161kw also a v8 beater. well worth buying and moding. can be a weapon with the right tuning with ageless styling. 5 gold stars
Posted Recently
The front difference from the EA to EB is the Ford bage is in the grill. AHH, the 25th GT was a good looking car with it's bodykit.
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