Ford Falcon XK

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Ford Falcon XK

Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon XK

1960 - 1962
6 cyl.
2.4 litre (144ci)
3 spd. man / 2 spd. auto
Top Speed:
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3 star
Ford Falcon XK
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When Robert MacNamara became President of Ford in 1960, he immediately set the Company on the course of producing a new mass market family car (MacNamara went on to become Secretary of Defence under President Kennedy and, then, head of the World Bank). MacNamara's crowning achievement during his tenure at Ford was unquestionably the Ford Falcon.

Ford's publicity department worked overtime prior to the arrival of the all new model in Australia, claiming it to be "Australian - but with a world of difference". But the truth was not quite so jingoistic, as the first Falcon's were really only a right-hand-drive clone of their American cousins. The similarities were all too obvious, but the sleek American lines of the Falcon were actually very much what the Australian public wanted.

Chic, suave and cool, the Falcon quickly became a sales success, making the competition (namely the FB Holden) look like a relic from 10 years past. Comparing the XK Falcon to the FB Holden today and you could be forgiven for thinking each was from a different era. There were two engine and three transmissions on offer. The standard was the 144ci which produced 90bhp (67kW) at 4200rpm, while the 170 six produced a more healthy 101bhp (75kW) at 4400rpm.

Both came standard with a 3 speed manual transmission, however if you optioned for the "Fordomatic" automatic, the 140 would be fitted with an air-cooled unit, while the 170 was fitted with a water-cooled unit. Having developed the world's first utility (in Australia) in 1933, the Ford publicists were again able to put an "Aussie Flavoured" spin with the release of the XK utility in 1961.

Featuring the same basic look as the sedan, the rear section of the roofline was replaced by a shortened broad pillar, affording a sleek and muscular appearance. And like the sedan, the ute would become an overnight success, with both tradespeople and those on the land.

Also for 1961 came the introduction of the XK Station Wagon, affording a sizeable load space of 77 inches (1956mm) long by 53.5 inches (1359mm) wide, when the rear seats were folded down. And like the utiity, the wagon also appeared "purpose built". Compared to the FB Holden Station Sedan, that looked a lot like a utility with a canopy affixed, the Falcon wagon was a revelation and deservedly stole a huge market share from the General.

After market accessory manufacturers could see the value in creating bright chrome additions for the car, particularly given the long flowing lines and low waist line. The most popular "additions" included rear wheel spats, sun visors, chrome wheel trims, weather shields, rear venetians and a chrome hood garnish. While the Falcon was fitted with robust mechanicals - a 144ci (2.4 litre) six cylinder engine and choice of three speed manual or two speed automatic, the harsh Aussie conditions (read poorly maintained roads) would soon take their toll on the newcomer, and some would question the cars durability.

The US designed suspension, especially at the front, was found to be fragile, and warranty claims were so costly for Ford that there were rumours that production would be discontinued. But with the support of the US parent company, thankfully the Falcon would survive, not only as a competitor, but as a true alternative.
XK Falcon
XK Falcon

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Fred O'Connor
Posted Recently
Hey Mark Devos . What did you have to do to beef the front end up to accommodate the bigger engines? As I want to beef my XK Panos front end up for bigger transplant ..
Posted Recently
Styling better than Mustang?...Don't think so!, i like the style, & they can look very nice with the right touches! Maek D who i knew, has an emu grey xk, every time I saw it, it always had a different engine in it!ge worked at holdens Elizabeth, always had a number of cars he flipped,after a good thrashing!. I worked at mitsubishi at the time, & we often used to go out at night down Glenelg the condor!
A Ritchie
Posted Recently
In my opinion this had the best styling of any car ever made in Australia its a pity they didnt stay with this classic styling and just keep improving it as at least in styling nothing made in australia has ever gone eevn near it and it looks far better then any of the Mustangs
mark devos
Posted Recently
I had a grey 144 xk, yum yum, it then received a 390 auto, yum yum want some. Then i fitted a 250 crossflow " with the xe alloy head & 5 speed. Yuuuuumy yum got one. It was a rocket. Then in went a 289 auto on gas.mmmmyum yum want some mr mark de vos.
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