Holden HG

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HG Holden


Holden HG

1970 - 1971
6 & 8 cyl.
161/186 6; 253/308/350 V8's
97 kW 186; 225 kW 350
3/4 speed man, 2 spd Powerglide & 3 spd Trimatic auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
Holden HG
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The HG Holden was the final refinement of the HK-T series, and introduced the Australian-Built, three speed Tri-Matic automatic transmission to the full size Holden's.

The model range was as before, with sedans, wagons, Monaro coupes and light commercial models in several levels of specification, plus the Brougham luxury saloon.

The Tri-Matic transmission was standard on the Brougham and Premier and available on all other models as an option, except of course for the Monaro GTS 350, which was offered with either a 4 speed manual or the regular two speed Powerglide automatic.

As well as a more elaborate plastic grille and cleaner body decorations, the HG had new safety features, colours and trim designs. Improved disc brakes were now fitted to all V8 models, while the suspension system of the Monaro GTS was modified for greater comfort.

This was possible because race duties had been taken over by the smaller Torana, so the Monaro no longer needed to be sold in 'Bathurst' trim.

All the HG changes, including the optional Tri-Matic transmission and choice of 5 locally produced engines, were offered on the big selling range of Holden passenger-car derived light commercials.

The Model range included: Belmont Sedan, Belmont station wagon, Belmont panel van, Belmont utility, Kingswood sedan, Kingswood station wagon, Kingswood utility, Premier sedan, Premier station wagon, Brougham sedan, Monaro coupe, Monaro GTS coupe, Monaro GTS 350 coupe.
HG Holden

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marlene deaton
Posted Recently
My husband & I have owned our 1971HG Kingswood V8 since new, it has been a courting car, a family car, we have not driven it for 10years as it is now in the garage, the last time we fired her up it went straight away,what a fantastic car it has been, our son has now purchased it to share with his family, we cannot wait to be a passenger in it at the next rod run, Best car ever..
Posted Recently
my hg holden belmont wagon has been in the family since new, dad bought it brand new in 1970 and still going strong with no rust. the engine is a 161 with a 3 speed colum shift. it still has its original interior, seats, seat belts and original paint job from the factory which is sky blue. i have no hesitations in buying another car as this car starts the first time and drives smooth and get thumbs up where ever i go. long last the hg belmont.
Posted Recently
ive got a blue HG belmont with white roof the paint code sais its 568-12207 i live in wa can anyone tell me the "name" of the blue paint and where i can get it in perth my mobile is 0403954480 i am also after any parts you might be selling from parts to whole wrecks im after a good body or left hand rear quater panel please message my mobile with any offers and please no unrealistic prices thanks peter
Posted Recently
i,ve just purchased a hg panel van, ex ambulance. one drivers side door and two pasenger side doors. i have never seen one like it before. how rare do you think this is. its in rough condition but with a bit of tender loving care she will turn heads.
dave R
Posted Recently
The HG holden p v was my first choice, went through a lot of other old holdens before I got one. The one I brought was standard except for the mags. Over the years I changed a few things fitted bucket seats, wagon back seat prem front end, holley and extractors. This cars odometer was stuck on 808083 the whole time ive owned it and ive done countless miles. Had the engine rebuilt by a mate he said it was only running on 4 cylinders. probly a good thing the block was silted up around the rear cylinders as it would have overheated a lot. Fitted a new cam, bearings unleaded heads welded cracks and machined the inlet manifold to my amazement we were able to use the original pistons so I could keep the bores standard. Ive had my HG 25 years and have the money to buy any car I like but I could not be bothered. I know I can leave it for 2 weeks and it will start first go. Im i the process of restoring it back to standard again. Not to many proud Belmont drivers out their these days. : )
Bear P
Posted Recently
Sorry mate if you actually rebuild the gates it is fixed easily ...so sorry that you didnt figure it out if so mechanically...Hk,T,G all are beautiful cars, i've owned many after rebuilds and repaints and want to build another i tend to sell and do even more...
NOW own a fully rare HG Brougham.. *** pletely and original...dead straight and just puts all in awe...maybe looking at real works n enjoy your HG more than bag the poor antique ohhh thats right they all are around the 38 -41 yr old now ...maybe some wear does come ...
ALSO i found with one i owned with exactly same prob in a HK was DONT try to speed shift ! NOT A NEW PLASTIC ....They are just metal !
John Gibson
Posted Recently
silohuetteman,It must have been one tired HG. Every car is only as good as its mechanic. Ever consider chucking in a 4-spd to cure the jamming problem? Your spot-on about mechanics. I often drive my car home after a full day at the service department......and find the old problem,shudder or noise still present. The only thing many of them are good at doing is cleaning ouy my wallet.
Posted Recently
The HG Holden was the worst car I have ever owned.Continual overheating problems caused by incorrect ignition timing that the average joe could probably work out but no licensed mechanic could.
In the six years I owned it the engine was replaced once and the cylinder head three times.One mechanic even replaced the radiator when it was clearly the timing.
The three speed column shift was an absolute shonker and had a common fault of always jamming in first gear so opening the bonnet to adjust the linkage at the traffic lights in peak hour was the norm.Once again no mechanic had any answer for it even after having another column change fitted and it did it again.This car seemed to have some sort of terminal illness.
It was involved in a major accident and should have been written off but the insurance company resusitated it.
The HG a hard car to modify when as a young buck I found out the hard way.There is no room under the guards to put a set of mags and wide tyres unless the guards are flared by a panel beater.Even the EH and HR had more room to put a set of mags on.
It was eventually sold to a woman whom I caught up with six months later .She gave up on the first gear and started off in second.She resold it and the last time I saw it ,it was heading towards a major country town driven by two hippies and with a bit of luck never to be seen again.
Posted Recently
Hi Worm & Mitchell.I owned a HG Belmont sedan 10 years ago before giving it away to a friend .Would like to own a Panel van if it became available.Do you guys no of any project cars or finished for sale? regards Steve
Posted Recently
i woz finding it hard 2 find out wot model it woz ive registered it 4 times and its bn a belmont a prem and a kingswood so its good 2 no that i have a belmont hg panelvan woz also wondering how rare are they nowadayz
Posted Recently
I own a HG panelvan with a 179 motor with 3 on the tree. It is sitting in the shed waiting to be finished but I'm sure when shes on the road heads shall be turning.
John Gibson
Posted Recently
I own an HG 186 3 on tree and though its no longer the fastest thing around,shes reliable and turns some heads.I've owned a VB Cdore and VK wgn but the Kingswood bug was biting so i had to try one. I've never regretted it. I do wish it had a V8,auto,aircon and power steer,but at least its reliable. I think good ones should be commanding more money.
John Gibson
Posted Recently
A nice car
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