Lamborghini Espada

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Lamborghini Espada

1968 - 1978
3929 cc
325-365 bhp
5 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
241-249 km/h
Number Built:
4 star
Lamborghini Espada
Lamborghini Espada
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 4


Lamborghini's Espada offered not only comfort and space but, when it originated, was the fastest four-seater in the world. Its top speed was 241 km/h (249 on later models); its power went from 325 bhp to 350 bhp (Series 2) and 365 bhp (Series 3).

This coupe had a sweeping window, with a sharp tail. Glazing above the tail lights was not only unique, but improved rear views. Under the huge alloy bonnet was the classic quad-cam 4-litre V12 motor controlled by an impressive 5-speed gearbox.

The wishbone suspension ensured an impeccable ride whilst guaranteeing tremendous stability. Later versions were complete with power-steering and the option of automatic transmission.

It was manufactured from 1968 - 1978 and is thought to be one of the best-selling Lamborghini's created.

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